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Carol Talbot

Carol is an energetic and versatile learning and development consultant, professional speak and Master Trainer of NLP.

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Zee Gilmore

Zee is a trainer of NLP, a coach, a writer and a complementary therapies practitioner with an abiding fascination for the workings of the human mind.

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Wendy Shaw

Wendy is an experienced trainer and professionally certified coaching consultant.

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"Carol Talbot is certainly a Master Trainer on the NLP Master Practitioner course.  She'll change your LIFE and it is the course that makes the difference!!"

Alma Griffiths

"Thank you for the most amazing experience you gave us in this program, and for pushing me to go where I've never been, and where I needed to go... and breakthrough! It has been one of the most enlightening moments in my life!"

Tamara Hassan




"The course is fabulous. I feel I achieved exactly what I wanted to i.e. feel a totally and completely new me and I have been able to feel exactly that. I feel the course has something for everyone who attends – it gives you a larger purpose in life, help define and clarify things in your head that would otherwise be hazy or unclear and most of all it makes you totally believe in yourself!"

Nida Humayun
Learning & Development Manager
Standard Chartered Bank

"High quality instructors, comprehensive program material, gorgeous location and these are only some of the many positive experiences you will have when you sign up! "

Deidre Hutchinson

"For those who believe that NLP is a training course, you are so wrong! NLP is a plastic surgery… YES, an internal plastic surgery. It’s a soul lifting, eye opening, strength, power and confidence implant procedure!
You will see, feel and witness the amazing change inside you. You will almost believe that you are a magician when you make wonders happen. NLP program is a life time investment and a great way to reward yourself."

Sarah Khalil
Business Development Manager
Links Group of Companies

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